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Friday, February 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted.

YHL announced their Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge on Friday. Obvi, I accepted the challenge and used it as an excuse to make a stop at Goodwill, since it's mentioned in the song. I stopped in on a rainy evening after work to pop some tags. But, before I share my finds...take a listen...

The challenge was to shop till you drop with $20 in your pocket and search for a few things mentioned in the song. Here's how I did...

1) Take a picture at the store with $20 in your pocket...

(I'm seeking cover, in the car, from the rain)

2) Photograph your spoils...

Didn't have anything specific in mind that I was looking for and almost walked out without a single item. The would have been a challenge FAIL! After one last look through the dishes, I spotted a few vintage china pieces and that got me going! The china was bundled with packing tape so I grabbed the only two bundles...two small plates and a cup with two saucers. Next up I spied a Crate and Barrel white popcorn bowl for $4! The best aisle is the one with all the silver and brass pieces; I took home this tray that has a pretty tarnish (I can always clean it up with a bit of polish). Can't pass up a Mason Jar, especially one with a wire top. The last thing I grabbed was a tiny glazed bowl...perfect for change, keys or to place on a bedside table. But how much did I spend??? My grand total came to $19, the most expensive item was the silver tray for $5. Say what? 

Now back to the challenge.

3) Find item referenced in the song. I found 3...

1) House Slippers (fancy, gold house slippers)

2) Plaid shirt (or entire rack of them)

3) Grandpa's Style (sweater with crazy long sleeves)

Anyone else accept the challenge?