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This is a run down of all the projects we'd like to tackle in the condo; better known as...

The To-Do List! 
*I broke it down by item and room..excuse any doubles.

  • Update lighting in both bathrooms
  • Update Dining room light fixture
  • New Ceiling fans (this one it a "if we feel like it" our current ceiling fans/lights in the bedrooms and living room are fully functioning and quality. They just aren't as pretty as I would like.)
  • New light in the entry hall (I actually purchased a pendant for $10 on super sale more than a year ago. We haven't put it out because I am not 100% sure it's going to work. But we own it so we might as well try it. Anything is better than the boob light!)
  • Bathroom(s) (can't decide if the guest bath actually needs a new paint job)
  • Repaint bedroom (or just touch up and beef up the molding) 
  • Paint ALL trim and doors (and by all I really mean every inch of it)
  • Paint the master closet (now that I (Ian, actually but I told him to) ripped out the shelving the closet needs some love)
  • Touch up paint in the second bedroom/office/library/craft room
  • New blinds all around (I'm lovin' some bamboo blinds)
  • Curtains for the bedrooms
  • Line the living room curtains 
  • Clean Carpets 
  • Replace carpets with wood floors
  • Update tile around fireplace 
  • Add Subway tile back splash 
  • New counter tops (butcher block on the island and something else for the rest. This one needs some serious research and thought)
  • Create a built in wine rack in space between wall and cabinets
  • Update door hardware 
  • Make pantry and laundry closet more functional
  • New Flooring (prob not. It would be toooo messy to remove the tile and might not be worth it)
  • Frame out the big blah builder basic mirrors 
  • New counter tops (totally unsure about this one...the current counter tops are of the sink and counter in one variety; it could be totally worth it or it could be a total fail)
  • Fix/update shower and tub tiles 
Dining Room:
  • New lighting fixture
  • New table and chairs
Living Room:
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Update vent covers
  • Do something with the mantle and wall above 
  • Add a rug (hmmmm...carpet on carpet...maybe not)
Master Bedroom and sitting room:
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Art on the walls
  • Add swing arm lamps next to bed
  • Fake out built-ins in the sitting room 
Second Bedroom/Office/Library/Craft Room
  • Make this room more functional..somehow 
  • Touch up paint 
  • Fix carpet transition 
  • Install pendant light 
  • Add an outdoor rug
  • Create a more useful seating/eating space 
And all of this on a budget! It looks like a lot but we're not doing it all at once and nothing is set is stone . We'll do as much or as little as our budget, schedule and life will allow.

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