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Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet Buttercup.

I'd like you all to meet Buttercup.

(pic from my Instagram)

One day strolling through Ikea, chatting on the phone with Ian, I walked from the Lighting Department into the Art Department to find Buttercup. She was had a bright yellow "last chance" sticker that was calling my name. I can't explain why I loved her some much, but Buttercup was coming home with me! There was just one little thing that I couldn't get past...the green background.

I've seen a few cow paintings online and on other blogs; and all of them have a lighter background. So that gave me an idea...

Time for a makeover!

Step One: Light sanding (I am not sure if this was completely necessary, but it happened anyway.)

Step Two: Paint. It took two coats of FolkArt Enamel in Hydrangea to cover to green. I used enamel for the gloss and because I wanted some texture out of the finish. 

Step Three: Cover the edge. Buttercup was glued to a board with an unfinished edge. I thought about a frame; most likely that would have cost more than the $9.99 I paid for the picture. In my craft supplies, I found some washi tape in a brown color (think kraft paper), and it made the perfect edge.

Step Four: Show off Buttercup's now look. You can now find Buttercup hanging in the second bedroom  in jussst the right spot be seen from the kitchen and front hall.

See?! All she needed was a little makeover.

Buttercup might be my very favorite Ikea hack. It's she lovely?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Table Number Redo

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! I am fresh off a week in California helping my parents pack up the house to move back East. It was hard to leave LA but I am glad I returned to Spring like weather.

Before my trip to California, I revamped the table numbers from our wedding with the intention of displaying them in the Condo. My original idea for the table numbers was to gather old sliver plates, paint the centers with chalkboard paint and write the number and menu on them. After many, many trips to thrift shops my plan changed a bit....most of the plates I found were smaller; we ended up painting only the numbers in the center. No chalkboard paint and no menus. It worked out for the better.

Here an example of what the plates looked like...

(excuse the photos; I took them with my iPhone)

The paint on the plates for a year and a half. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it off easily. One day, I was in Home Depot, rooming the aisles, and decided it was time to look for something that would do the trick. Having done no research, I based my purchase on the labels and price. I left the store with Motsenbocker's Lift Off. The label said it would remove old, latex based paint, is biodegradable and cleans all surfaces. Works for me!

When I got home, I sprayed each plate, liberally with Motsenbocker's. After sitting for about 10-15 minutes, I tested the paint to see if it was loose; in some cases I could see that the paint was starting to bubble. 

I used a plastic putty knife to scrap the paint off...

After the paint was scraped I gave each plate a rinse. So easy! The process didn't take too long so in about 30 minutes, I had all 15 plates cleaned.

Once all the plates were clean I had to decide 1) where I wanted to put them and 2) how many to use. There were a couple of options in the dining room but I ended up hanging five plates above the fireplace. We have a three-sided fireplace that divides the Living and Dining rooms. Our ceilings are about 10 feet high so the fireplace wall needed something.

Here is how it turned out...

(still an iPhone pic)

To hanging them I used plate hangers from Jo-Ann's and 3M picture hangers. I did not polish the plates because I know that they will tarnish hanging on the wall and I love the look! 

You can still see the numbers on a few of the plates; which is a nice reminder that we used these at our wedding.

How have you re purposed items used at your wedding or special event?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ian's 30th Birthday Party

It's the post you have all been waiting for...Ian's 30th Birthday Party!

In December, Ian turned 30 (and yes I know exactly how late this post is...someone keeps reminding me). To celebrate the milestone, Ian decided he wanted to invite all our friends over to eat and drink so that's exactly what I did. In the end we had about 45 people hanging out in the condo and it was a blast!

One can't throw a 30th birthday with out lots of food, Dirty Thirty punch with paper straws and, obviously, a S'mores station in the living room! The menu consisted of flat breads, chicken-on-a-stick with dipping sauces, meats, cheeses and Ruby's amazing popcorn served in individual bags.

For the food set up, I moved the dining room table against the wall and covered it with Kraft paper. Once the table was set I wrote, in chalk, what each item was.

Wine crates at the back of table created height and my favorite berry baskets made an appearance, too.

The S'mores station, in the living room, was loads of fun. I put a Sterno in rocks for roasting marsh mellows and melting chocolate.

My favorite thing was the paper straws with birthday flags...

Food and drink aside, it was an awesome night with some really great people!

Happy 30th Birthday, Husband!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted.

YHL announced their Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge on Friday. Obvi, I accepted the challenge and used it as an excuse to make a stop at Goodwill, since it's mentioned in the song. I stopped in on a rainy evening after work to pop some tags. But, before I share my finds...take a listen...

The challenge was to shop till you drop with $20 in your pocket and search for a few things mentioned in the song. Here's how I did...

1) Take a picture at the store with $20 in your pocket...

(I'm seeking cover, in the car, from the rain)

2) Photograph your spoils...

Didn't have anything specific in mind that I was looking for and almost walked out without a single item. The would have been a challenge FAIL! After one last look through the dishes, I spotted a few vintage china pieces and that got me going! The china was bundled with packing tape so I grabbed the only two bundles...two small plates and a cup with two saucers. Next up I spied a Crate and Barrel white popcorn bowl for $4! The best aisle is the one with all the silver and brass pieces; I took home this tray that has a pretty tarnish (I can always clean it up with a bit of polish). Can't pass up a Mason Jar, especially one with a wire top. The last thing I grabbed was a tiny glazed bowl...perfect for change, keys or to place on a bedside table. But how much did I spend??? My grand total came to $19, the most expensive item was the silver tray for $5. Say what? 

Now back to the challenge.

3) Find item referenced in the song. I found 3...

1) House Slippers (fancy, gold house slippers)

2) Plaid shirt (or entire rack of them)

3) Grandpa's Style (sweater with crazy long sleeves)

Anyone else accept the challenge?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just a little sicky

(as my nephew would say)

I am laying on the sofa with the beginnings of a (hopefully gone by Friday) cold. I even cancelled my appointment with a personal trainer at our new gym...but really I was happy to cancel at the first sniffle.

The plan was to post about Ian's 30th birthday party but that requires a little more work and I'm just not feeling up for that tonight; you'll have to settle for a dump of my camera roll.

 Home Goods and Marshall's both have some great stuff right now, if only I have space for all of it!

Here's what caught my eye...

A round table with these chairs would be perfect in our dining room. Home Goods had four...I have none...but some day. I did a "sit" test and this guy is super comfy.

I was so excited about this wood and metal TV unit I ran to it. Beautiful! Of course because of my excitement, I didn't get a great picture. I am loving the wood and metal mix look right now!

This rocking chair would fit right into a reading room or a sunroom...oh the possibilities.

Next up, I spotted these beauties at Marshall's...I sat in one for a while hoping that would make it mine. It didn't.

Also at Marshall's...a bench that would look comfy and cozy in a breakfast nook and a upholstered dining chair.

Anyone else find anything good while shopping last weekend?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Update: Projects Page

I finally updated our Projects page. It's good for some late night reading! Check it out; just click on "Projects" above.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Decorations

Better later than never, right?!

We went the less is more route this year, opting for a smaller tree and fewer decorations. Here's what I came up with....

This lantern usually sits on the deck but for the holidays it found a new home in the entry. A little fake snow some mini nutcrackers and the lantern was ready for Christmas.

My sister knit these tiny stockings for us so they needed a prime spot. Their holiday home was on the ledge above our TV.

The table-top tree is my favorite...

(the happy birthday banner above the door was up for Ian's party...but some might consider it holiday decor)

The mantle is a totally useful space that I don't always take full advantage of it; and it was the perfect place for the tree. A couple of faux sheepskin (to look like snow)....a vintage sled...a tree on top...classic red and white stockings makes for a sweet little Christmas vignette. 

Of course I had to put lights on the deck and the window lights that look like candles.

How did you decorate this year?