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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just a little sicky

(as my nephew would say)

I am laying on the sofa with the beginnings of a (hopefully gone by Friday) cold. I even cancelled my appointment with a personal trainer at our new gym...but really I was happy to cancel at the first sniffle.

The plan was to post about Ian's 30th birthday party but that requires a little more work and I'm just not feeling up for that tonight; you'll have to settle for a dump of my camera roll.

 Home Goods and Marshall's both have some great stuff right now, if only I have space for all of it!

Here's what caught my eye...

A round table with these chairs would be perfect in our dining room. Home Goods had four...I have none...but some day. I did a "sit" test and this guy is super comfy.

I was so excited about this wood and metal TV unit I ran to it. Beautiful! Of course because of my excitement, I didn't get a great picture. I am loving the wood and metal mix look right now!

This rocking chair would fit right into a reading room or a sunroom...oh the possibilities.

Next up, I spotted these beauties at Marshall's...I sat in one for a while hoping that would make it mine. It didn't.

Also at Marshall's...a bench that would look comfy and cozy in a breakfast nook and a upholstered dining chair.

Anyone else find anything good while shopping last weekend?

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