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Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet Buttercup.

I'd like you all to meet Buttercup.

(pic from my Instagram)

One day strolling through Ikea, chatting on the phone with Ian, I walked from the Lighting Department into the Art Department to find Buttercup. She was had a bright yellow "last chance" sticker that was calling my name. I can't explain why I loved her some much, but Buttercup was coming home with me! There was just one little thing that I couldn't get past...the green background.

I've seen a few cow paintings online and on other blogs; and all of them have a lighter background. So that gave me an idea...

Time for a makeover!

Step One: Light sanding (I am not sure if this was completely necessary, but it happened anyway.)

Step Two: Paint. It took two coats of FolkArt Enamel in Hydrangea to cover to green. I used enamel for the gloss and because I wanted some texture out of the finish. 

Step Three: Cover the edge. Buttercup was glued to a board with an unfinished edge. I thought about a frame; most likely that would have cost more than the $9.99 I paid for the picture. In my craft supplies, I found some washi tape in a brown color (think kraft paper), and it made the perfect edge.

Step Four: Show off Buttercup's now look. You can now find Buttercup hanging in the second bedroom  in jussst the right spot be seen from the kitchen and front hall.

See?! All she needed was a little makeover.

Buttercup might be my very favorite Ikea hack. It's she lovely?

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